Center for Healthcare Innovation joins Foxglove Alliance


Chicago, Illinois
January 3, 2023

The Foxglove Alliance announced today that the Center for Healthcare Innovation  has joined the burgeoning coalition of Chicago area public healthcare organizations which will now have 15 official members. 

Founded in 2009, the Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) is an independent, non-profit research and educational institute dedicated to making healthcare more equitable for all patients. CHI’s vision is to be the leading global platform for meaningful change in health equity with a mission to bring together experts and ideas from all over the world to improve healthcare for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, gender, race, ethnicity, or other social determinants.

CHI CEO and co-founder Joseph Gaspero said, “ We’re excited to join the Foxglove Alliance.  The goals of the alliance and the members directly support our mission of making healthcare more equitable for all.  We’re honored to be part of the alliance, and the Center is looking forward to it supporting the mission and members of the Alliance for years to come.”

Foxglove Alliance Coordinator Levi Moore noted, “getting the Center for Healthcare Innovation to join the FGA is a real coup.  They immediately strengthen our More Minorities in Medical Research (M3R) campaign because of their work in health equity.  Their contributions will make the information we present to various stakeholders more credible, timely and thought provoking.” 

Gaspero agreed, stating, “the Foxglove Alliance’s M3R Campaign is an area where I see how we can immediately help.  The CHI has existing and in-development work that we can bring to the initiative.  We are also ready to work in partnership with other FGA members on mutually beneficial projects.”

The M3R Campaign has the dual goals of getting more minorities to participate in medical/clinical trials in Chicago and helping to fill and grow the pipeline of Chicago minority youth entering the healthcare sector who would have the opportunity to eventually conduct medical/clinical trials in Chicago. The M3R Campaign, the continued roll-out of I-DROP (the Illinois Drug Reuse Opportunity Program) and promoting Chicago as a life sciences innovation hub will be the FGA’s focus in 2023.