Health Care Council of Chicago joins Foxglove Alliance

The Foxglove Alliance (FGA), a burgeoning coalition of Chicago public healthcare organizations, now touts the Health Care Council of Chicago (HC3) as a member.  HC3 is an initiative of MATTER, Chicago’s internationally known MedTech incubator and Third Horizon Strategies, a Chicago-based, boutique advisory firm focused on shaping a future system that actualizes a sustainable culture of health nationwide.  As an action-oriented collaborative HC3 brings leaders from across the health care ecosystem together to solve critical health-related issues in Chicago.  “Our goal is to continue to collaborate and connect across not only the health care industry but others as well to effectuate sustainable change to the future health of Chicago,” said Meghan Phillipp, HC3 Executive Director, “We believe that when we are operating at the nexus of our three pillars — addressing social and health disparities, economic development and system transformation — we will be effectively moving the needle and promoting genuine transformation.”

FGA Coordinator Levi Moore stated, “this is a situation where a union of tradition and innovation has been formed.  Although some of our respective members and partners overlap, the FGA is mostly comprised of what could be considered traditional Chicago public healthcare sector organizations, while HC3 brings an invaluable connection to the business and innovation sectors to our coalition.  To address public healthcare issues today, you have to bring them all to bear.” 

HC3 brings the number of FGA member organizations to a dozen.  But, the FGA and HC3 both utilize a host of strategic and project-based partners.  FGA members have been very active in various aspects of Chicago’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the FGA, as a group, is working on issues such as the unique occupational stress faced by Chicagoans who work in the public safety and healthcare sectors and is embarking on a campaign to increase the participation of minorities in medical/clinical research studies. 

Phillipp added, “Together, we go farther.  We have to continue to work together by sharing our ideas and networks in order to see lasting results.”


The Foxglove Alliance is a Chicago public healthcare coalition that promotes healthcare by means of community health programs, research, education, and grant management, as well as through discussions, collaboration, joint initiatives, marketing and fund raising.  FGA members include:

  • Access to Care
  • The Hektoen Institute of Medical Research
  • The Illinois Association of Free & Charitable Clinics
  • The Illinois Medical District
  • The Institute of Medicine of Chicago
  • The Lead Abatement Resource Center
  • The Michael Reese Research & Education Foundation
  • The Portes Foundation
  • The Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago
  • H.E.N. (the Trauma, Health Equity and Neurobiology Center)
  • West Side United

The Health Care Council of Chicago (HC3) is Chicago’s nationally recognized health care community in action. The organization harnesses the collective intelligence and resources of Chicago’s health care leaders to drive meaningful change and positively influence the conditions that impact the health of the area’s communities. The Health Care Council of Chicago is an initiative of MATTER and Third Horizon Strategies. Visit for more information.