Hektoen International named 2021 Apex Award winner





Hektoen International, an online-only journal dedicated to the medical humanities, once again was named a recipient of an Apex Award of Excellence in the Magazines, Journals & Tabloids – electronic publications category. Hektoen International received this same accolade in 2020.  The Apex Awards are sponsored by Communications Concepts and have the annual competition for 33 years for publishers, editors, writers and designers. 

Hektoen International (hekint.org) debuted in 2008 and features more than 2,800 articles submitted by U.S. and international authors on medical humanities topics such as ethics, nursing, antiquity, neurology, surgery, psychiatry, end-of-life and hospitals of note.  Hektoen International also presents content in a variety of formats including personal essays, book reviews, art essays/flashes, poetry and vignettes. 

Promoted as an interface of medicine, culture and education, Hektoen International has a vast reach of more than 68,000 subscribers and averages more than 1 million on-line visitors a year.  It also hosts two writing contests a year and added a new section in 2020, Hektorama, which is a re-curation of Hektoen International articles around topics such as epidemics and African-American history. 

According to the journal’s founder and editor-in-chief Dr. George Dunea, “receiving our second APEX Award is quite fulfilling, knowing that our work is recognized outside of our subscribers and regular readers and is comparable to a number of outstanding digital offerings.  It also provides an independent endorsement of the quality of the educational programming that the Hektoen Institute of Medical Research continues to offer.”  Dr. Dunea is also the President and CEO of the Hektoen Institute of Medical Research.  Other 2021 APEX award winners included:

  • AARP – The Magazine
  • Multiple Sclerosis Association of America: COVID-19 and the Pathfinder Tool
  • Neurology Today
  • University of Glasgow:  COVID -10 in Inflammatory Disease
  • American Academy of Dermatology:  Dermatology World
  • Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing
  • The Rheumatologist

About the Hektoen Institute of Medical Research

Named after noted researcher, Dr. Ludvig Hektoen, the Hektoen Institute of Medicine was founded in 1943 by a group of prominent Cook County physicians as a venue for funding and conducting medical research and education.  Over several decades, Hektoen has conducted medical research resulting in the publication of more than 2,700 scientific papers. It also has advanced medical education through lectures, symposia, and fellowships. 

Hektoen has historically risen to the occasion for the good of the public health of Chicago. For example, triggered by the HIV-AIDS crisis in the 1990’s, Hektoen re-invented itself into a comprehensive, prolific, grants management operation.  It is also an international leader in the promotion of the medical humanities and is the supporter of and/or partner in numerous community organizations, such as Luminarts, Youth Guidance, the Illinois Association of Free & Charitable Clinics and the Foxglove Alliance Chicago health care coalition.


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