IOMC newsletter Volume I. Issue 2

Quarterly Newsletter      July 31, 2019    Volume 1 Issue 2


Letter from Our New IOMC Board of Governors Chair

WELCOME to our new Fellows and Board Members,

The next year is shaping up to be filled with outstanding opportunities, alliances and programs!  Over our extensive history, the Institute of Medicine of Chicago’s members have contributed to the academic community, medical organizations, and public health.   This has earned IOMC a highly regarded and respected place in the health care community.  Our partnerships and collaborations have created opportunities where none have existed before, and we are continuing that tradition by engaging additional organizations, such as Midwest Business Group on Health and MATTER to conceptualize and help launch the first Wellbeing Trust Initiative in the Metropolitan Chicago area.  IOMC is actively working with several entrepreneurs to help them with their entrée into the marketplace, as well as consult with our fellows to expand their work.  We have been working with MATTER, the midwest’s premier health care technological start-up organization to define mutually beneficial shared projects. 

1:  To create exciting programs and opportunities for all of our Fellows, members, and affiliates.

2:  To continue to keep IOMC relevant in a quick changing, highly charged health care environment.

3:  To provide a platform by which all of our Fellows and members want to be actively involved and continually contribute their knowledge, experience and ideas to IOMC, and the community at large.

4:  To assure clarity, inclusion and access by creating inroads for all fellows and members to interact.

5:  To create an environment that assists our fellows and members in reaching their goals to improve the Metropolitan Chicago population social and health care interactions and outcomes.

In the present health care environment where instability has become the norm, IOMC will play a role to convene, coalesce and lead.  Remember, your ideas, opinions and thoughts are at the cornerstone of our shared ideals to improve the lives of our communities. 

Leadership Breakfasts- Thursdays, OCTOBER 3, 2019 and November  14, 2019 at 7:30am-9:30am

Mark Grach, MBA


104th Annual Meeting

What a celebration! Thank you to Northwestern University for the sponsorship to help bring national, regional and local leaders together. If you were unable to attend we have exciting video and beautiful pictures capturing the networking and inspiration from our Awardees and New Fellows! Go to104th Annual Meeting

Vemuri Murthy, MD  Humanitarian Global health Award
Congratulations Awardees! 
(top pictures)
Judith Haasis, MSW
Innovation in Health Care/Delivery
Lisa Rosenerg, PhD
The Henry P. Russe MD Citation for Exemplary Compassion in Health Care
Vemuri Murthy, MD
Humanitarian Global Health Award
Thank You Speakers!
Allison Arwady, MD
Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner 

John Auerbach, MBA
Trust for America’s Health

Ursula Bauer, PhD, MPH
Office of Surgeon General
Community Health and Economic Prosperity (CHEP)

IOMC Updates

Welcome Student Interns
Lisa Chionis 
Washington University, St. Louis

Valentina Figueroa-Amengual, RN
University of Illinois Chicago, School of Nursing

Yi-Chien Lee, RN
University of Illinois Chicago, School of Nursing

Peter Stein
Loyola University Chicago, Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health

Board of Governors
Votes are in—
New Board of Governor Members--please welcome Richard Ferraro, Howard Nochumson, Lorenzo Pence, and Anita Stewart

Congratulations Board of Governor Executive Committee:
President- Mark Grach 
Vice Presidents: Mike Favia, Cheryl Whitaker
Treasurer: Vipul Singhal
If you are interested in joining the IOMC Board, please contact Cheryl Irmiter, Executive Director at 312.709.2685

IOMC/Portes Foundation Call for Letters of Intent were Wednesday, 7/31/19! If you missed it, mark your calendar for 2020.

The Portes Foundation, in association with The Institute of Medicine of Chicago (IOMC), is soliciting proposals for research projects in health promotion, and disease prevention. Portes Foundation has funded grants in the range of $25,000 to $50,000.  Grants are awarded for one year projects. The principal investigator must be a MD, DO, or PhD, have an appointment at a medical school, other health science schools or colleges, or a medical school affiliated hospital or group practice. Go to:

New Fellow Nominations

Fellows are graduates from healthcare programs or distinguished persons engaged in allied professions. Fellows have professional contributions that are meritorious, are recognized leaders, have demonstrated an active interest in the health of the community, manifest the highest ethics, standards, and principles of professionalism, and possess those professional and personal attributes which make the individual desirable for Fellowship in the Institute.

Benefits of IOMC for the Fellow:

  • Peers recognize your scholarship, professionalism, and leadership is needed for a greater good.
  • Opportunities to disseminate your work and ideas in a variety of ways.
  • Opportunities to contribute to the health and wellbeing of the Metropolitan Chicago are people.
  • Opportunities to mentor future healthcare leaders.
  • Discounts for IOMC Leadership Breakfasts.
  • Early registration to events.
Please go to:  for more information and completing nominations forms.

Stay tune to IOMC’s YouTube Channel and Refreshed Website!!!

Coming soon will be the ‘Save the Date” for the 2019 Annual Meeting! Invited Key Note Speaker is the U.S. Surgeon General!