More Minorities in Medical Research

The M3R (More Minorities in Medical Research) Campaign is a FGA initiative that was conceived when researchers were conducting clinical trials on potential COVID-19 vaccinations.  During a conversation with FGA member Dr. Dennis Levinson regarding research his team was conducting in the pandemic fight, he conveyed how critical it was to get more African Americans and Hispanic/Latino participants into clinical trials to ensure that any discoveries would be effective for those minority populations.  That is the conversation that essentially birthed M3R.

The lack of participation in medical/clinical trials by minorities is historic and complicated.   There are many reasons why, but those reasons need to be mitigated and eased to ensure health equity in Chicago and the nation.  The M3R Campaign will focus on Chicago as a vehicle to bring attention to the issue and hopefully find some solutions.  This is not a short-term project.  This will require time to have even minimal impact.  But any levels of success will be of tremendous value to minority residents of Chicago and to the Chicago public health care sector that will hopefully make Chicago an even stronger medical/health research and innovation hub.  Below are components of M3R that we encourage you to click and explore: