Review: “Expressing Ourselves Through the Arts”

Written by: Johana Hernandez

The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) Chicago chapter and the Hektoen Institute Nurses & the Humanities gathered once again to sponsor an evening of art and expression in Chicago. On Friday, August 19th, Alyssa Saklak, a nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, held an artistic expression class open to the public at the International Museum of Surgical Science. Saklak said her passion for the arts grew through an art history class she took during her BSN program. She added that she was deeply inspired by her favorite artist, Frida Kahlo, not only for her art, but for her story.


Saklak provided the class with a variety of different visuals to inspire the class to paint whatever came to their mind. She emphasized that inspiration can come from anything and anywhere. Although she does not consider herself a professional artist, Saklak says she does enjoy exploring the arts to express herself in various aspects of her life, including using art as a way to connect with her patients.


The class was not focused on learning how to paint like a professional artist, but on learning how to find inspiration in our surroundings to be able to express oneself through painting. Saklak provided the class with tips and techniques on how to make their paintings appear livelier. The peaceful and artistic environment was supported by recent high school graduate and harp student, Em Ryan, who stopped on her way to Oregon for college to express her love for music through her harp. Alyssa said she hopes this class will inspire others to feel free to express themselves through creative means, while at the same time enjoying the experience.
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