Chicagoland Healthcare Workforce Collaborative joins Foxglove


Chicago, Illinois
July 25, 2022

The Foxglove Alliance (FGA) announced today that the Chicagoland Healthcare Workforce Collaborative (CHWC) has joined the burgeoning coalition of Chicago public healthcare organizations which will now have 14 official members. 

Headquartered in Chicago, the CHWC was launched in October of 2015 and operates as an independent consortium overseen by a volunteer employer steering committee and is comprised of employer members, strategic partners, and funders throughout Chicagoland. It unites employers and industry partners to support an inclusive healthcare workforce, provide accessibility for unemployed and underemployed populations, and develop innovative responses to the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

April Harrington, the CHWC’s Project Manager said, “CHWC is honored to join The Foxglove Alliance and to partner with its note-worthy members to pursue our shared goals related to health equity. We’re working towards healthcare systems change, so it’s imperative that we seek perspectives from diverse stakeholders and collaborate with one another to bring solutions to scale. That’s why The Foxglove Alliance is so valuable.”

Foxglove Alliance Coordinator Levi Moore added, “The Foxglove Alliance is about using the collective resources and acumen of our members and strategic partners to address timely issues that impact health care in the Chicago metropolitan area.  The Chicagoland Healthcare Workforce Collaborative provides an invaluable entry for our coalition to play a role in learning more about and determining how we can engage in health care workforce development issues.”

Added Harrington, “The Foxglove Alliance’s M3R (More Minorities in Medical Research) campaign is an area where I see how we can immediately help.  Growing the pipeline of minority youth in Chicago who enter careers in healthcare is a critical component in addressing health equity.”