FGA HC3 ULCC Illinois Medicaid Expansion Panel

On October 4th, the Foxglove Alliance, in collaboration with the Health Care Council of Chicago and the Union League Club of Chicago co-hosted an in-person panel discussion about the future of Medicaid Expansion in Illinois.¬† In 2020, Illinois became the first state to expand Medicaid coverage to undocumented noncitizens. The state policy specifically extended coverage to those 65 and older who would otherwise qualify for Medicaid if not for their immigration status. Lawmakers lowered the age limit to 55 in 2021 and passed a bill this year to lower the age limit even further to 42 years old.¬†Moderated by Third Horizon Strategies’ Founder and CEO David Smith, the panel featured:

                  • Dan Fulwiler – CEO of Espreranza Health Centers
                  • Cristal Gary – Chief Advocacy Officer for Ascension
                  • Doug O’Brien – Interim President & Executive Director for Rush University Medical Center
                  • Steph Willding – CEO of Community Health

Below are photos of the panelists and moderator and of the event, which marked the Foxglove Alliance’s first in-person event since the onset of the COVID – 19 pandemic.