M3R – The big problem and the potential long-term solution

What if Chicago had more Hispanic/Latino and African American principal investigators and support team members conducting medical/clinical research trials?  It would not be a complete solution, but if that happened, they might have a much better chance of getting more Hispanic/Latino and African American Chicagoans to participate in medical research projects.  Unfortunately, the numbers are bleak and borderline pitiful.  Nationally:

  • Only 5.7% of physicians are Hispanic/Latino.

  • Only 5.0% of physicians are African Americans.

  • The percentage of African American physicians in the U.S. has only increased 4% in the last 85 years.

Those numbers are truly disturbing.  But, a solution would be to increase the number of Latino/Hispanic and African American youth entering into health care careers who may enter into conducting medical research.  FGA member the I Am Abel Foundation is dedicated to getting more Chicago minority youth into that pipeline.  

The work of the I Am Abel Foundation and similar organizations is supported by many members of the FGA, including the Hektoen Institute of Medicine which has formed a strategic partnership with I Am Abel as part of its revamped education programming.  We encourage you to learn more about the I Am Abel Foundation and other efforts to get Chicago youth to consider careers in the medical/health care sector.

You can also learn more about careers in clinical research from this offering from the Association of Clinical Research Professionals.